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Vagina Tightening: Cheap Methods To Become Whole New In 5 Days.

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Posted By Abimbola Adeshewa

Have you heard rumors that you can tighten your vagina at home?

This is a proven guide on natural vagina tightening recipe.
You will learn how to tighten up the kitty, make it silky and juicy at home.

If you are looking for ways to tighten up your honeypot, and becomes whole new in few days, without breaking the bank or slashing a loan, then this post is for you.

This methods has worked for me and many other women, and there is a traditional reviews that these methods really works to tighten up the vaginal.

Having a loose vaginal has been a source of concern for many women in from different ages.

I was once in that position, and I can tell you that it really does a number on my self esteem.

We women suffer from loose vagina, as a result of many factors. Childbirth, Menopause, Weak, pelvic muscle, suffering from trauma like rape among others.

I have started my research since last year (2019), to know what really works.

I reviewed and tried out some of those recipes flying around on the Internet and I must say, I get on getting irritated down there.

That is why I decided to compile the proven methods that really works for me and many other.

The Benefits Of Vaginal Tightening.

Before we move on, I am sure you will be thinking about the benefit of having a tighter vaginal when you can simply get a bigger dick to do the job.

So, you want to be sure that a tighter vaginal will make things better.

Here are some of the key benefits of having a tight vagina.

1) Superb Orgasm
A tight vaginal will be able to contrast easily and enable you to have an exploding orgasm to the fullest.
Just imaging having a bad conversation with your boss right there in his office that made you to wrinkle your face up.

You know this is going to get you into more trouble, so you close your eyes and clamps your thigh together, which send a signal to kitty and you end up having a juicy orgasm, that sure put a smile to your face and make you feel better.

2) Boost Self esteem.

Fixing a loose vagina or making your vagina tighter even after many kids and menopause, will help you to feel a lot sexier, young and vibrant.

Having a great sex, accompanied with a superb orgasm sure boost self confidence and make you feel great all day long. A tighter vagina can do so much more.

Now, enough of the benefit of tighter vaginal, let move on to why we are here.

How To Tighten Up The Vaginal At Home.

Below are 7 proven ways on how to tighten up the vaginal, you sure don’t want to ignore my number 5.

1) Aloe Vera Gel For Vagina Tightening.

Aloe Vera gel is known for its antibacterial properties, and it’s mostly used for beauty purposes.

Aloe vera for vagina tightening.
Aloe Vera For vagina tightening

Recently, aloe vera gel has been found to be a key player in tightening the vaginal, however, you have to get your aloe vera gel from the plant, we don’t want anything that contains harmful chemicals to touch the queen down there.

Get your aloe vera plant and squish out the gel into a clean container, and gently apply it into the vaginal.

Be careful not to overdo it, as aloe vera gel is alkaline in nature.

Repeat for 5 consecutive us and see yourself become a virgin again.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar For Vagina Tightening.

Apple cider vinegar has amazing tightening properties which has been noted to help tighten the vjay.

Method of vagina tightening.
Apple cider vinegar as vagina tighter

Apple cider vinegar will help to cleanse the cervix of any bacterial infection or any kind of impurities that may cause the weakling of the cervical walls.

In one word, apple cider vinegar help to restore and strengthen the elasticity of the vaginal walls

Using 2 teaspoons of ACV in 300 ml water for douching the vagina daily for 5 five days will do wonders for the little queen.

3) Jujube Leaves As Vagina Tightener.

Jujube leaves is commonly known as margariya in Hausa and Booni in Yoruba here in Nigeria.

Jujube leaves has a lot of medicinal benefits and its traditional use as anti-diabetes, sedative, bronchitis and anti-diarrhea widely here in Africa.

For many years, Jujube leaves has been use to tighten up the vagina by the northern part Nigeria women, but now it’s widely accepted and used all over because it really works

How to use it?
Get 10 claps of jujube leaves and boil with 3 cups.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes and have a seat bath with the water.

Repeat for 5 days to get maximum results.

4) Yoni Pearls For Vagina Tightening

Yoni pearls is a multipurpose feminine hygiene pearls.
It contains natural ingredients that have been sworn by many to work for infertility, tubal blockage, fibroids, ovarian cysts, hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, among many others.

However, yoni pearls mostly use for the treatment of vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, and odor and of course, vaginal tightening.

Simply use one per day for 3 days, relax and repeat the process.

5) Goron Tula For Vagina Tightening.

This is popularly known as African Snot Apple and African chewing gum.

Goron Tula is a “cure it all fruit”.

It’s a miracle fruit that works well to improve women’s sexual health.

Some of it uses includes

  •  Firm and Tighten the vagina naturally
  •  Help restore suppleness and vaginal elasticity
  •  Contract and Reshape the vaginal walls
  •  Improve women sexual vitality
  •  Restore Lubrication and Eliminate Dryness
  •  Reducing excessive vaginal Discharge
  •  Retarding and reversing mal atrophy
  •  Feel young and Rejuvenated
  •  Preventing genital prolapse
  •  Toning Pelvic floor
  •  Help with more friction and Orgasm
  •  Fight infections / harmful bacteria
  •  Cure Vaginal Yeast Infections etc.

You can use your Goron Tula in two way,
You can decide to eat the fruit or boil to get the slimy syrup that you will drink and douche the kitty with.

It’s my easy go-to, as it starts to work within an hour. You can also feel it 😉

6) Groundnut water For Vagina Tightening.

Surprise? Yeah, yeah.
Apart from the nutty cream taste groundnut can leave to your taste buds, it can also help you get cooking horning, juicy and tight.

Simply wash your groundout, sieve, spread and allow to dry.

Heat on your cooker for 15 minutes or till the water becomes brown, drink and douche the kitty for maximum results.

7) Vaginal Exercises.

Vaginal exercise or kegel exercises help you to tighten the pelvic floor muscles.

Before you try to work out the your vaginal, you.mist first identify those muscles.

One of.the.easiet ways to identify the muscles is by inserting a finger into the vagina barrel and attempting to squeeze the vaginal tight.

Once you have squeezed your finger, you have identified the pelvic muscles.

Another way is by squeezing tight your vaginal and hold it in for some time.

8) Elephant root As Vagina Tightener.

This is another vaginal tightening remedy.

This plant is mostly used locally as a remedy for dysentery, diarrhea, stopping bleeding, treating intestinal disorders, hemorrhoids, heart ailments, and syphilis.

However, a lot of women have sworn to its effectiveness for the treatment of vagina dryness and tightening the vagina.
Simply sprinkle a teaspoon of the herb powder into your food and eat.

Repeat daily for 5 days for maximum results.

Take Home.

Strengthening and tightening of your vaginal will make your sex life superb, and as you can imagine, you will be able to enjoy sex better and boost your sexual confidence.

In one word, tightening vagina is real, you can tighten the kitty with any of the above-mentioned methods
This method is effective for all, and you will be able to enjoy and make better sex with exploding orgasm.

Have you used any of the methods above?

Do you have any questions about vaginal health?

Comment below, let’s discuss it.

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