You are reading this right now because you want some sort of growth, get a better understanding on a topic and of course, get to know About Us.

This is not about my background, this is about your desire, your want and your goals.

I am Abimbola Adeshewa and I welcome YOU to Healthy Cherie.

I am an entrepreneur, A freelance writer, and a certified Cosmetologist.

I started Healthy Cherie blog with the mission to transform people’s mindset positively, help people to be confident and happy and to be fit and healthy.

Our areas of discussion will includes;

• Self Help • Healthy living tips • Fitness / Nutrition • Sexuality Health • Beauty / Organic Cosmetics.

Healthy Cherie blog will also covers some topics on some benefits of plants, natural recipes for a beautiful body, sex matters, relationship, and more. And, that is why we are HEALTHY CHERIE.

Join me for a journey of health and fitness, knowledge and self discovery.

I love and appreciate you for being here.

I am Abimbola Adeshewa, and I welcome you to my little corner of the internet.