10 Proven Tips to Keep A Man Interested Forever. (Get Him Hooked)

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Posted By Abimbola Adeshewa

In this article, you will learn how to keep your man happy, how to keep your man to yourself,  keep your man interested in you forever, and lots more.

Let’s get started.

When you first fall in love, it’s like there is a fire between you filled with passion and as you move beyond that stage, that fire lessens and you may wonder what mistake you made.

The only mistake is forgetting that it takes time, effort, and commitment to keep a relationship going and to keep your man interested in you.

Now you want to be one of the couples who celebrate their 60th anniversary and that is why you are surfing for ways/ tips to be a good girlfriend, keep your man happy,  keep him to yourself forever.

In order to spice up the chemistry in your relationship, make it lively, nourish, and be together to the end, these are some of the ways to keep the relationship smooth.

You will learn strategies that will

help you to avoid any difficulties which may present themselves in your relationship.

  1. Be Yourself; This may look simple but then a lot of people try hard to impress their man in a new relationship, they change their mode of dressing, makeup, accent and some even go as far ‘level’ up their standard of living just to impress a man.

All these can be fun at the beginning, but most times it doesn’t end well, the man may catch up with your antics someday, and then, boom…..the interest flicks off.

Like every other situation, it pays to be real, be human, not ‘robotic’, if at all, you want to impress your man, be natural about it, don’t fake it and you will be able to get your man hooked.

  1.  Be Confident In Your Own Skin;  Being in a relationship gets a lot to do with ‘self-value’ self love, this will help you to make rational decisions rather than emotional decisions that will help you to determine if the relationship is right for you.

When you are confident enough in a relationship, you will have a better understanding of how to add in your inner value, provide solutions to problems and ideas to keep your relationship smooth and beautiful.

  1. Respect your Man in order to keep his interest; Let him be the man in the relationship, this might look weird but it’s really simple. Saying a simple yes to his opinion (even when you don’t agree with him) then gently laying down your view to compromise with him (Remember to fuel his ego).

The truth is, no man will stay in a relationship while he isn’t respected, there is an inbuilt pride in every man, so refrain from interrupting  him when he speaks.

Do away with your phone when he talks, smile up to him when he walks by, learn his terms and body languages.

The ‘small’ things will make your love stronger, be at peace with each other, you get him hooked, and keep his love to yourself.

  1. Be Loyal in your relationship: One of the biggest factors of ruin relationships, courtship or marriage,  is infidelity.

For any relationship to last, loyalty is a priority, you have to be loyal and be supportive of his dream, and ideas.

Do not double date as this will split your attention and loyalty…be faithful to your man and let him know he his your only guy.

Discuss issues in the relationship with him first, don’t snitch about him to his friends or families.

Focus on your man, not the category he falls into, rich, poor, handsome, or whatnot, love your man for who he is, not what he worth.

Show him that you will love him even for the ‘better’, be supportive and try to be there during his challenges, be his no1 fan who always cheers him up.

  1. Be Creative In Your Relationship: It’s really frustrating not knowing when and how to start a conversation. Learn to present your words to your man in a creative way.

Your greeting to him, your dressing around him, your stares that speak volume, learn how to leave ‘hints’ of your want here and there, make ‘signs’ that make him giggles ( even when with friends).

Don’t stop being new, try different things each day together, new look today, new recipe tomorrow, learn a new game together…..find something fun and new to do together.

All these will help your man to be active in the relationship as well, boost the chemistry between you, make him happy, and get him hooked to you.

  1. Control Yourself, Ease Up with the nagging and give him space. Well, I wish it’s that easy, nagging is a woman ‘thing’.  it’s inbuilt I guess.

Knowing how to nag in a subtle way helps, ( I don’t know how to nag in a subtle way though, At first, I would ignore it, and that would lead to bigger ‘nagging’ later, uff, men are trying).

Back to earth, knowing when to listen and stop talking is one of the secrets of retaining your man’s interest to yourself forever.

Learn to give him space, it’s s not always sexy when you stuff your face up his nose, so give him space to breathe, take his vacation, take a stroll, walk down the beach by himself, and all.

The point, control yourself to let him live and go on a new adventure yourself, give him privacy as you may need one in time to come….just be normal enough not to eavesdrop on his calls and spy on his messages.

  1. Appreciate Your Man; Did I tell that men Love it when you fuel their ego?. Men love it when you make them feel like your prince in shining armor.

Call him  special names, make him feel attractive…special dinner, day out, surprise gift, surprise birthday party (cake and a guitarist to play his favorite song). Men love it when you make them  feel special as well.

Tell him and let him know that you love and cherish all the time you spend together, reminisce on the good, bad and the ugly time together (this will remind you if where you were coming from).

Talk to him about your vision, your fantasy of growing together, and don’t forget to let him know how great he looks ( his hard chest, pointy nose, pink lips, stock face, long arms, neck, glistering skin, on and on).

Don’t forget to mention his sparky gaze that sent lightning to your being,  make him blush, woo him, turn to his confessor and look deep into his eyes while locking your fingers.

You can get a little naughty with him…I am sure you know what to do since he is your Man.

  1. Be Independent: Nothing makes a woman more classy, beautiful, and attractive than to be independent in any relationship.

You will be able to recognise your value, and passion while working toward your goals.

The self respect will push you to make the right decision and do things by yourself, spending on what is necessary, and doing things to achieve your life goal.

Men love a WIN woman, ( wise, independent and natural), this will make him happy that he made the right choice, he doesn’t have to worry about your expenses (Good men will still spend anyway).

Don’t be a liability, so that you can fend for yourself, support him when the need arises, in one word, have a value to add to.your relationship.

  1. Learn To Pray Together; Pray for him, and pray with him when you are together. Praying together with your man will help to build spiritual intimacy, build trust that will strengthen the bond in your relationship.

There is also a saying ‘couples who pray together, stay together’, so no matter your belief, it’s only right that you learn to pray with your partner.

Commit your relationship in the hand of God, put your partner in God’s protection, pray for his work, his progress, pray for unending love to help you scale through the unimaginable challenges.

Praying together with your man/partner will not only help you to keep his interest, but also make your love stronger.

  1.   Be Seductive: Don’t be a bore that always waits for the man to call the action, initiate an unexpected moment, ( Long kiss, a$s grabbing….) 

Plan for a romantic evening or weekend away, wear his favorite color lingerie, whisper about your fantasy around him, remind him about the best night you had together.

You can offer to be in charge or let him be, don’t be shy about it, talk to him when you don’t know what to do.

Do these and you will be able to rekindle the passion between you, keep the sexual attraction burning, make your man happy, be a ‘good’ girlfriend/wife and keep his attention to yourself forever.


There is no such thing as a ‘blueprint’ to make a relationship work when the foundation isn’t right, or when you aren’t right for each other.

What works for some might no work for others, so the ultimate way to make your relationship work, be the good girlfriend, make your man happy and keep your man interest and love to yourself is to…… treat him the way you want to be treated.

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